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Design Cavern F.A.Q

This varies between clients and developments. The specifications, difficulty, and overall complication of the website can drastically change how long it takes for a website to be developed. After we’ve gathered all the information on what you need in your website you’ll be given an estimate on a timeline. We pride ourselves in communicating with our client, so you will never be left out on what’s being done to complete your website.

Basic integrations are features we add to any website we create. Our basic integrations include a Caching system, Anti-spam defense, Image optimization system, Basic firewall setup, and Contact forms.

If you don’t already own a domain for your website we will help you with the process of purchasing one.

If the packages we have available on our site are not within budget feel free to contact us about building a custom package to fit your needs.

If you’re looking for us to build your website we won’t leave you in the dark! If you don’t currently have a website host we’ll recommend to you the best host we know of that works for your budget and website.

Ongoing support and management is an add-on you can separately pay for!

You have all the input. All of our work and changes run through you before finalization. We pride ourselves in fully communicating with our clients, so you get everything you are looking for in the final product.

This varies after the completion of each client’s website. We provide a full guideline that goes into detail about what’s best to keep your website running 100%. This includes what you should keep updated and what you shouldn’t update.

Of course, all development is handled on our own servers. This means 0 downtime for your current website. Once the full development is complete we use premium software to transfer and replace your current website with our completed development.

The answer to this question varies from client to client, but generally starting a new website from scratch takes anywhere from 2-3 months[This is subject to change]. We take our development within phases from Research, Development, Testing and more.

No, we’ll build a website using your preferred language or CMS if possible.