Google has always constantly updated its algorithm, making the SEO game change drastically with some updates and little with the next. The recent update with its policy directly addresses issues with what Google calls “Content Quality”. If you’re new to Web Design and SEO you wouldn’t know the terms “White Hat SEO” and “Black Hat SEO” in basic terms white hat techniques are more of the honorable straight forward, honest way to advance your brand in the Google search ranks while black hat is the complete opposite. The recent update pumped out by Google was meant to address the Black Hat side of things like dishonest advertising meant to lure in a quick click and buck. Although we DesignCavern aren’t too sure if this update has exactly done that as it’s too early to tell we’ve seen it badly effect some small business owners who solely depended on AdWords for brand exposure. The most severe case being the repair niche from what we’ve seen everything from phone repair and computer repair has been unable to advertise their businesses via AdWords leaving then unsure with how to handle business on the online front. SEO and proper Web Design are the only solutions for the problem until google either addresses the matter which they most likely will not.