Our first client Kccs Tech is an IT oriented company based out of Brooklyn New York. They work with everything from Phone repair to website development, but after the changes in Google Adwords policy they were unable to use the service to advertise on google, so hired us to optimize the presence of their business online via SEO.


Kccs Tech homepage

The website itself visually was not a problem, but it lacked one thing that crippled it in terms of SEO and that is a healthy, well built site structure, so that was our first step at Design Cavern creating and building a good site structure for the website to stand on. Realizing the first step that needs to be taken was only part one of the first step part two was focusing on the biggest and generally most talked about aspect of the website. In this case the client seemed to want to focus on the repair aspect of the business. With this information we gathered every aspect of repair on the site and put it into one “main” category that category being “Device Repair“. That “main” category leads to a web page almost like a hub bringing all content relating to repair in one area for the user to choose.


Kccs Tech Device repair

After building a strong site structure for the website we move on to creating amazing knowledgeable content about their brand. This starts with building a small presence for the name Kccs Tech. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Web site directories, Reddit and more. This isn’t just about spamming everywhere you can, this is about making meaningful content related to the businesses name. Find the groups and discussions on Facebook and become active in the community under your brands name. This goes for every social media platform in play. At Design Cavern we use them all to push your brand name forward. This in turn gets people talking to you and who are you? Your brand and that tells Google “Wow, people are talking about this let me put it in my search results.” This showed favorable results towards Kccs Tech as shown below.

This image shows keyword rankings under Kccs Tech domain where they were not ranked for anything prior to us.


These images show Kccs Tech progress in Alexa ranking although they are not pretty numbers the domain wasn’t ranked at all prior to our work