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Design Cavern services 

Web Design 

We build fully functional, sleek, modern and responsive websites compatible with all devices for any purpose your business and or hobby might need. 

Full website setup 

Want to start a new site and don’t know where to begin? Let Design Cavern do the work for you. We’ll find and register a new domain according to your business or hobby, set up hosting while keeping you updated on every step and what each step means. After completion, you can either decide to have all information regarding your new site transferred to you this includes the domain, hosting, theme files and passwords or have us at Design Cavern manage your website from behind the scenes.

Social media creation 

We create a professional, well built social media presence for your business. This includes many of the major social media platforms out today: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and many more. Many might ask themselves “Why don’t I do this myself” While you, can you should let us handle this. We know exactly how to set up social media accounts on platforms across the web even some that aren’t mainstream can help push your business forward. We create these accounts in a specific way and insert content on them that creates a chain or web towards your business linking them all together and in turn pushing your business name forward.

Social media management 

After the creation of a professional social media presence you have the option for a monthly fee to have us at DesignCavern manage your social media. Managing them includes regularly posting on each platform about your various ventures and updates on what your company does or is up to. We do this in a way that continues to chain these accounts and updates across the various social media accounts we’ve created to push your name forward in the rankings.

SEO optimization 

SEO stands for “Search engine optimization” and is one of the most important things for a new website starting out. With the biggest search engine “Google” constantly changing its algorithm keeping your website on a good spot on the search rankings is an ever changing battle. Let us at Design Cavern use are professional ever evolving SEO techniques to drive your name forward in the Google search rankings

Free SEO check up 

Let Design Cavern thoroughly check your site for errors big and small, so that we can give you a detailed analysis on the state of your sites current SEO and what can be done to improve.

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Fully Designed website 

Support and customization

SEO optimization 

Social media management 

Social media creation 

Lifetime support



Basic package



Standard package